Where’s Old Fart (late night bonus)

December 2, 2008


Here is an easy one



Here’s a new twist. Where is OldFart?

December 2, 2008




This should be a tricky one…  Have fun

Where is Old Fart?

November 19, 2008


Here we go again…


Where’s Old Fart?

November 6, 2008


Back by popular deman, well, Jbo anyway, we have another fun one.  This should be rather difficult.


Good Luck

Where is Oldfart?

July 3, 2008

Ok so you think you know Lufkin pretty well huh?  Well try these and give em your best guess. 


Good Luck folks.

Where is Oldfart?

July 3, 2008

Ok, let me try and explain this a little better so as to make for less confusion.  Tell me what area of the county I am in and “WHAT” is in the picture.  Most likely, I will be sitting in the truck like in this next picture.  Oh, you know what I mean….

Have FUN!!

Where is Old Fart?

June 30, 2008

You have heard of Waldo and Carmen Sandiego.  Now it’s time to guess where Oldfart is sitting.  Take your best guess by looking at the following picture and give me your guesses.  I will try to keep it in the Angelina county area.  If you know me, then you will have no problem finding the right place.  I hope this will be fun.  Here is the easy one.

Have fun…