What a Trip!!

August 1, 2008

What a trip we had.  It all started with a great day at Six Flags.

You may notice the “Titan” in the background as well as the “Superman” ride. 

This ride was pretty cool as well.  Tony Hawk’s “Big Spin” is a coaster that not only goes but spins as it goes.  Too Awesome. 

“Mr. Freeze” was also cool.  ooops.  A “0 to 70 mph” in about 2 seconds cool that is. 

Anybody remember this one?  It is actually older than I am I think..

The following day held a fun time as well. 

We were able to catch a great game between the Rangers and Mariners.  Rangers won it in walk off style with a ninth inning hit to score 2 runs to finish it off. 

Last but not least, you really can’t begin to imagine the size of this next place unless you just see it for yourself. 

You know.  The future home of the Dallas Cowboys.  I hope to add the rest of the pics and info soon.


MMmmm Good

July 6, 2008

Vinny T’s was the place we went to for dinner Sunday Evening in Lexington, Massachusetts.  That is one HUGE plate of lasagne. 

This next pic is also in Lexington and is the location of the place where the “shot heard round the world” was shot.  Must have been a “BIG” gun.  🙂

Monday morning will be loading the trucks and then off to Vermont.  Pretty Cool!