I was wondering….

July 2, 2008

I was dreaming this morning, or some may call it a nightmare, about taxes, gas prices, and our ever changing economy and how we will be unable to “LIVE” and/or much less even survive in a few short years.

I was particularly curious about this place:

Has this place paid any taxes lately?  Has this company ever paid any taxes here?  I went here and entered the name in and found that this company had aproximately 31 million $$$ in appraised value.  I can imagine that this tax bill is just a “drop in the bucket” for this company.  Closed down, or not, this bill should be paid.  Has it been paid?  I would like to know.  What are your thoughts?

I have a few friends who were hit really hard this year regarding their appraised value on their homes.  Some to the tune of $50K.  This is on homes in the $150K to 250K market.  That is a huge jump in appraised value if you ask me.  Is someone trying to make up for “lost taxes?”