Fun with Ike and Rain

September 16, 2008


Sorry about the title to this post.  It’s all I could come up with.  Got some good pics though.

That would be what is left of Harmony Christian School.  I know, I know.  We all had a serious case of “Cabin Fever” and had to get out to see what Ike left behind.

That is a pretty big one that fell on our music minister’s latest aquisition.  He said he had minimal damage and I told him he had been living right. 

For the most part,  most everyone “Faired” the storm pretty well.  Well, not as well as Artie, but pretty well. 

It was good to be able to get out and help some friends get their places cleaned up.  It will be nice to see things get back to normal once again. 

Have a good one folks!!