Nancy Pelosi. Nuff said.

February 4, 2009

Ok, I have to do this.  Have not blogged in quite a while but this info came in today and I just HAVE to put it out again. 

500 Million Americans?  That would be ALL 350 million of us plus another 150 million more?  Does she even know what day it is?


Somebody needs to just “Say IT”

December 9, 2008



Subject:  Dallas Cowboy Football

Reason:  Great Talent, no results

Remedy:  Brace yourselves for this one…  REPLACE TONY ROMO IMMEDIATELY!!

There is a sore spot in the world of pro football these days and it seems to be located near Dallas, TX.  The Dallas Cowboys started the year really well and huge expectations began to grow.  Wait, they can be beaten.  Badly.  Oh no, Tony hurt his pinky finger on his throwing hand.  Out for what, four weeks was it?  A pinky finger?  How much CASH does this guy pull each game?  Here’s a shocker, he pulls wheather he plays or not.  “Don’t hurt the QB” says the coach.  WAH WAH WAH!!!

Lets get down to business Mr Jones.  I mean, if you are going to publicly “BUST” Marion Barber’s hiney to the media for sitting out a game because of a dislocated “Pinky Toe” and a sore calf, then you need to publicly HUMILIATE Tony Romo for his latest “whine” regarding his so called broken pinky finger.  I don’t know about you, but I would think that a dislocated toe would include swelling, pain, and an inability to produce the 100% that Barber obviously gives to each game he runs in.  Barber is a beast when running the ball and is one of the few runners left that will FLAT OUT HIT a defensive player if there is one willing enough to try and tackle him. 

Now back to the “leader” position.  IT IS TIME TO REPLACE THE GOLDEN CHILD!!!  Romo finally had a chance to shine and shine he did against the Stealers this last Sunday.  Two interceptions that were both intended for T.O.  Interesting.  And they are room-mates I hear.  That did not bother T.O. in his comments to the media.  T.O. knows what the problem is. 

Mr. Jones, your team has un-matched talent.  Don’t you think it’s time you find a quarterback that has some as well?  I do not know the terms or durations of the contracts you have with all your talent, but I would think that you might want to add one more talented player in the Quarterback position to keep them happy and interested in staying. 

I hear Michael Vick is looking for a job and a chance to better his life.  It sure would make a great come-back story.    Just a thought…