I can’t hold my toungue!

November 18, 2008


I sat through most of the CMA Award’s show last Wednesday evening with pain in my ears.  I watched Grand Ole Opry Live on GAC this evening and again, there is a pain.  On tonight’s show, Billy Currington, Randy Houser, Randy Travis, and last but certainly not least, Kevin Costner?  Yes.  You heard me.  Kevin Costner.  Billy Currington certainly sounds 100% better RECORDED.  He sings a song I kinda like called “Good Directions” and it is a fun song to listen to but this man has no business singing live.  Randy Houser is a great songwriter and not too bad singing live.  Randy Travis was like listening to the CD.  But I have to say it one more time, Kevin Costner is well, uh,,,, I really can’t describe it. 

As for the CMA Awards last Wednesday evening, all I can say is “YUCK!!”  Some of the worst vocal performances I have ever heard.  These people are supposed to be pros?  It just makes me wonder what happened to all the “Pure” vocalists.  I don’t really want to hear the CD or iTunes version, but at least SING IT IN TUNE folks.  Even Brad Paisley, who I really like, was not very good.  Oh please give me some excuses, but when you are scheduled to appear on a show of this magnitude, you bring your “A” stuff.  Taylor Swift has no business behind a microphone.  Nor does Kenny Chesney. (Entertainer of the year by the way) The only performers worth listening to when I started watching was George Strait and maybe Dirks Bentley but he was “shakey” at best. 

What happened to “Good” Country Music?  Any ideas…

Message from my wife:  Most people who go to see these folks perform in a live concert have usually been drinking and really don’t care how they sound.  A good point.