Where is Old Fart?

November 19, 2008


Here we go again…



I can’t hold my toungue!

November 18, 2008


I sat through most of the CMA Award’s show last Wednesday evening with pain in my ears.  I watched Grand Ole Opry Live on GAC this evening and again, there is a pain.  On tonight’s show, Billy Currington, Randy Houser, Randy Travis, and last but certainly not least, Kevin Costner?  Yes.  You heard me.  Kevin Costner.  Billy Currington certainly sounds 100% better RECORDED.  He sings a song I kinda like called “Good Directions” and it is a fun song to listen to but this man has no business singing live.  Randy Houser is a great songwriter and not too bad singing live.  Randy Travis was like listening to the CD.  But I have to say it one more time, Kevin Costner is well, uh,,,, I really can’t describe it. 

As for the CMA Awards last Wednesday evening, all I can say is “YUCK!!”  Some of the worst vocal performances I have ever heard.  These people are supposed to be pros?  It just makes me wonder what happened to all the “Pure” vocalists.  I don’t really want to hear the CD or iTunes version, but at least SING IT IN TUNE folks.  Even Brad Paisley, who I really like, was not very good.  Oh please give me some excuses, but when you are scheduled to appear on a show of this magnitude, you bring your “A” stuff.  Taylor Swift has no business behind a microphone.  Nor does Kenny Chesney. (Entertainer of the year by the way) The only performers worth listening to when I started watching was George Strait and maybe Dirks Bentley but he was “shakey” at best. 

What happened to “Good” Country Music?  Any ideas…

Message from my wife:  Most people who go to see these folks perform in a live concert have usually been drinking and really don’t care how they sound.  A good point.

Are you Pro Choice

November 10, 2008


I was watching a great program tonight that I really get some good laughs from.  Boston Legal has been on for a few years as a spin off from some other legal show that spun from some other legal show, and so on.  Anyway, Allen, played by James Spader, is struggling with a case regarding a teen’s right to choose to have or not to have an abortion.  Or is that, a abortion?  In walks Denny Crane, played by William Shatner, and also my favorite character.  They talk about pro choice issues and then Denny asks to say something.  I wanted to share it here because I believe it.  Here is the line;

“You, pro-choice people…..  You need Roe vs Wade….  You’re desperate for it.  Not because you’re sure of your opinion but because you’re not.  You need to cling to that ruling as moral validation for a position you’re not entirely comfortable with……  Deep down”

I have not heard words this “Great” in a while.    Maybe just some thoughts for a newly elected President to be, a congress and senate and the greater majority of people who voted them into their positions. 

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and think about how you might feel if it were, say, You!

HT Boston Legal Writers

Where’s Old Fart?

November 6, 2008


Back by popular deman, well, Jbo anyway, we have another fun one.  This should be rather difficult.


Good Luck

Trunk or Treat at LFBC

November 3, 2008


Folks, this was pretty cool.  I tried my best at the pics.  Here are some of them

Without a doubt, the “Mad Scientist” was, pretty spooky. 




If this guy heads up the “Red-Neck Bed and Breakfast”, then I aint stayin!!!!!

Here is a good pic setting up the “Yellow Brick Road” and the bricks “Came from the house next door.”  So I heard…

Finally, the Panthers beat the Woodlands, the Red Raiders beat the Horns, and it was all in all a pretty good weekend.  Hope yall enjoy the pics and “Have a HUGE week!!!”