This is Horrible

August 12, 2008


I was reading another blog last week regarding favorite bands from when you were in high school and so on and then I “FELL” over this. 

Van Halen should have never tried a “Come Back” tour.  Hopefully I won’t remember this.

I mean, at least Ted Nugent knows when to find something else to do and I still think he is “Cool!” 

My ears still hurt..


Someone should tell her about the pot of gold …

August 8, 2008

Scary. The voice sounds like my sister’s.

H/T: Michelle Malkin

Enquiring minds already knew the truth

August 8, 2008

After a few months of lies and denials, former-VP and Prez candidate John Edwards finally admitted to having good-feelin’ sexy times with someone other than his cancer-ridden wife. But, since he says he DID NOT love this other woman and that he IS NOT the father of the baby (uh, because the timing doesn’t work out), then we should probably let him keep his fatherhood award (shown above via Newsbusters). Agreed? OK! Glad that’s settled. Phew!

In fact, with the help of the MSM, we can easily make John Edwards the victim.

First off, a man has needs! Chicka chicka bow wow. Evidently, politicians have a lot of needs. And I’ve heard that chemo tires out a patient. You do the math. Do we know if the Edwards’ wedding vows included an “in sickness and health” provision?

Second, pretend that he cheated with a Republican and play this off as a tawdry sting operation developed by Cheney, Rove, and Halliburton. Let Olbermann and MSNBC lead the charge on this one!

Finally, who uncovered this story? The supermarket tabloid Enquirer. Most uppity folk will have to ask their maids and nannies what exactly is an “Enquirer” and where can it be purchased? Macys or SAK’s Fifth Avenue?

None of the MSM snobs will enjoy being scooped by a supermarket tabloid. Look for the MSM to turn this into another case of an evil gossip rag (probably with Halliburton financing) snooping into the lives of the average citizen (well, the average citizen who has been on a US Presidential ballot, gets $400 haircuts, and has a house larger than my local mall).

The only question that remains now is: Among Democrats, does this make him a more likable candidate for VP?


I’ll turn the sarcasm off for a bit and say I do feel very sorry for Elizabeth Edwards, and she’ll need every bit of her remaining strength to make it through her husband’s affair and lies. God bless her. Her husband is certainly a candidate for forgiveness, as I’m sure he’s already been asking for it from many earthly and heavenly sources.

We all need forgiveness for our sins.

_________________________________ Update 10:30 PM

According to CBS News:

She said she was proud of the courage her husband showed despite his shame and pleaded for her family’s privacy to be respected.

In his interview with ABC News, Edwards recalled his wife’s reaction to the news in 2006.

“She was mad, she was angry. I think furious would be a good way to describe it,” Edwards said.

Edwards made a point of saying that his wife’s cancer was in remission when he began the affair with Hunter. Elizabeth Edwards has since been diagnosed with an incurable form of the disease.

Hey John Edwards, your wife’s cancer is in remission!  What are you going to do now?

“I’m going to Dis… have an affair.”

What a Trip!!

August 1, 2008

What a trip we had.  It all started with a great day at Six Flags.

You may notice the “Titan” in the background as well as the “Superman” ride. 

This ride was pretty cool as well.  Tony Hawk’s “Big Spin” is a coaster that not only goes but spins as it goes.  Too Awesome. 

“Mr. Freeze” was also cool.  ooops.  A “0 to 70 mph” in about 2 seconds cool that is. 

Anybody remember this one?  It is actually older than I am I think..

The following day held a fun time as well. 

We were able to catch a great game between the Rangers and Mariners.  Rangers won it in walk off style with a ninth inning hit to score 2 runs to finish it off. 

Last but not least, you really can’t begin to imagine the size of this next place unless you just see it for yourself. 

You know.  The future home of the Dallas Cowboys.  I hope to add the rest of the pics and info soon.